At Toliver Ford, we set out to not only make sure that you get a great car, but that the process that leads to your new vehicle is as pleasant and painless as possible. Our staff members are dedicated to providing you with the best possible dealership experience that you will ever have. One perk at Toliver Ford is available to you before you even set foot on the lot. Our website possesses a trove of information that can assist you in your car search. We are committed to giving you the most up-to-date and pertinent information on the models in our inventory. Check out the vehicle research below to start narrowing down your car search.

  • Explorer

    The mid-size-SUV-turned-full-size crossover is one of many crossover options provided by Ford. We are proud to have this vehicle featured prominently in our inventory. Since production began on the Explorer in 1990, it has been a top-seller. Known for its versatility, both in in its optional features drivability, it’s easy to see why the Explorer has been being made for nearly 25 years.

    2014 Ford Explorer
  • Expedition

    Few names in the SUV class evoke such strong ties to performance and passenger comfort than the Ford Expedition. Fully capable of taking any challenges faced on the road, with the ability to accommodate passengers and their cargo with ease, the Expedition is one of the most sought after full-size SUVs on the road today.

    2014 Ford Expedition
  • Taurus

    Since 1986, the Ford Taurus has provided drivers with excellent value, but it has not been unchanged over the years. Graduating from a mid-size to a full-size sedan in 2008, the Taurus is a prime example of Ford seeking to improve upon an already winning formula. The result: Customers continue to receive new and improved products from models they have grown to trust.

    2014 Ford Taurus
  • Mustang

    When you think of Ford, there are a lot of words that come to mind. One of the most common is “industry leader”. Ford introduced innovations as landscape-altering as the assembly line. While the Ford Mustang may not have quite the same impact as something as mechanized production, it was the first Pony car, which gave rise to competitors such as the Camaro and Challenger. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but the Mustang is an unrivaled driving machine.

    2014 Ford Mustang
  • F-150

    Without a doubt, when the name “Ford” is uttered, it is most times followed by “F-150”. The flagship vehicle of Ford’s lineup has been around since production began in 1948. For the last 32 years, it has been the best selling vehicle in the USA. It has been the best-selling pickup truck for the last 43. Numbers like that go beyond legendary. It can only be described as Ford.

    2014 Ford F-150
  • Escape

    There is nothing small about this compact crossover. Beginning in 2000, the Escape has allowed drivers not in need of “Expedition”-esque space the luxury of sitting higher above the road than a sedan. With capable handling and tough dependability, the Ford Escape has been a vehicle drivers have consistently turned to over the years.

    2014 Ford Escape
  • Fiesta

    Who says you need a ton of space to throw a party? Anyone who does obviously has not been invited inside a Ford Fiesta. This superior supermini car has been around since 1976, so it knows a thing or two, like how to maximize space and and gas. Known for its sport sensibilities and fun personality, the Fiesta is full-fledged fun on wheels. Party on.

    2014 Ford Fiesta
  • Focus

    The Ford Focus has been a stalwart of Ford’s fleet of vehicle options since its inception in 1998. The compact car is a popular choice for drivers today due in large part to the number of variations the model comes in. Providing drivers with handling that is responsive and gas consumption that is economical, it is a perfect car for those in need of versatility.

    2014 Ford Focus
  • Fusion

    One of the relative newcomers to the Ford lineup is the Ford Fusion. With production starting in 2005, the Fusion became an instant favorite of drivers for a number of reasons. Able to synthesize a flawless design that exudes a confident style, with frugal fuel economy that does not limits its ability to perform, the Fusion is an impressive ride.

    2014 Ford Fusion
  • Edge

    Boasting high-performance handling and a powerful engine, one might think that the Edge is a drive-first, conserve gas-second type of crossover. And if it were from another automaker, it would be, but it’s a Ford, and they believe in doing everything well. “Versatility” just begins to scratch the surface of the Edge’s identity.

    2014 Ford Edge
  • Flex

    Perhaps the most eye-catching, head-turning, “What is that?”-inducing vehicle on the road today is the Ford Flex. With a distinct design that features a sort of geometric boldness, the Flex is confident and capable. But it just doesn’t look good--it performs with the best of them. A crossover this unique has to be seen to be believed.

    2014 Ford Flex
  • Super Duty

    When the stakes are high and reputations are reputations are on the line, accept no substitute. The Ford Super Duty lineup of trucks provide drives with assured performance and unrelenting power--power to finish ahead of deadlines, haul massive payloads, and flat-out deliver when it counts. A job is not just a job-- it’s your reputation. Trust your reputation to the best reputation in the auto industry.

    2014 Ford Super Duty
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